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16 01, 2018

Tableau: a look inside and its working

Categories: data visualization, tableau

When you talk about Data Visualization, it would never end without including Tableau. Tableau is by far considered the best Data Visualization tool[...]

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10 01, 2018

Aligning Business Process to Microsoft Dynamics AX: What are the Major Challenges?

Categories: Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful ERP system that brings huge benefits to any organization that implements it. However, the major bottlenecks in[...]

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05 12, 2017

How Can Cloud Based Data Visualization Tools Help You Simplify Complex Analytics?

Categories: Cloud Computing, data visualization

As an IT manager, you anticipate your IT operations to be productive, dynamic and within the periphery of your business strategies, thereby, raising[...]

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29 11, 2017

SaaS Business Model: What are the Measurable Benefits?

Categories: SaaS, Saas business model

What do you do if you are hungry? Do you cook? Or do you go to a nearby restaurant or order online? If you prefer to eat the served food over the[...]

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24 11, 2017

Moving Beyond Margin: How Global Collaboration Drives Innovation

Categories: Global Collaboration

No organization has a complete map of all the IT processes. And if you are a small or a medium-sized company, you have to maximize the usability of[...]

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21 11, 2017

Innovation Hacks for a Successful Global Collaboration

Categories: Collaborative Teams, virtual engineering teams

The outdated corporate bandwagon that focused on just ROI largely relied on what worked in the past and shied away from exploring the future[...]

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17 11, 2017

4 Ways a Virtual Team can Accelerate your Oracle Implementation

Categories: Oracle, virtual engineering teams

Oracle Applications, including its associated modules, are remarkably sturdy that is used by several small and large businesses. The applications have[...]

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14 11, 2017

How to Solve the Biggest Managerial Problems with Virtual Engineering Teams

Categories: Collaborative Teams, Outsourced Services, virtual engineering teams

The restlessness to pioneer and become proficient in various technologies in this profoundly volatile business environment determines the outcome of[...]

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10 11, 2017

Virtual Team: A New Mechanism to Leverage Scarce Resources

Categories: Business Culture, Innovation, Collaborative Teams, Outsourced Services, virtual engineering teams

Currently, organizations are facing the modern challenges of finding the right skills with a minimal capital expense. Furthermore, most of the economic[...]

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09 11, 2017

Global Software Development & Delivery Model: Latest Trends, Challenges and Tips for Successful Engagements

Categories: Innovation, Trends, virtual engineering teams

Global software development and delivery is a software development model involving the management and development team that stems from the global[...]

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